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The dialog component is used for all modals. It renders on top of the rest of the app with an overlay.

Note: You'll need to manage the isOpen state in a wrapper component of your own. For documentation purposes only we've created a mock State to handle this, but you should handle the state in the component you consume Dialog in or in a wrapper component.

<State default={false}>
{([isOpen, setIsOpen]) => (
<Button onClick={() => setIsOpen(true)}>Open</Button>
<Dialog title="Title" isOpen={isOpen} onDismiss={() => setIsOpen(false)}>
<Box p={3}>
<Text fontFamily="sans-serif">Some content</Text>

You can also pass any React node as the title to override the styling:

<Dialog title={<Text fontSize={6}>Title</Text>}>

System props

Dialog components get the COMMON and LAYOUT categories of system props. Read our System Props doc page for a full list of available props.

Component props

These props are all required.

Prop nameTypeDescription
titleString or NodeThe title shown in the header
isOpenBooleanHandles opening and closing the dialog
onDismissFunctionShould close the dialog